Our Nameservers now use DNSSEC & Customers can Brand Secondary Nameservers

Alpha Computer and Web Services Nameservers now uses DNSSEC - DNS Security Mostly governments and big corporations use DNSSEC, vulnerabilities in regular DNS were recenly discovered. Now Alpha Computer and Web Services offers DNSSEC for all web hosting clients. If you use your web hosting DNS nameservers for branding purposes, instead of ... Read More »

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KernelCare Now Protects Our Shared Hosting Customers

KernelCare Now Protects Our CloudLinux Shared Hosting Customers                    ACSHostings.com now uses KernelCare to protect our CloudLinux web hosting customers and increase the shared servers risk of down time. When you patch the operating system you ... Read More »

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Upgraded to a Wildcard SSL Certificate from Comodo

We have made some improvements in the way we encrypt our customers traffic. We now use a wildcard ssl certificate from comodo which now encrypts all our subdomains. Which includes Webmail and our Billing solution which uses a seperate subdomain for payments. Also, Our mail system as well that uses POP3 / IMAP and SMTP includes the same ... Read More »

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We now provide VPS Hosting

We now provide VMware VPS Hosting for only Trusted Businesses and Individuals  Basic VPS 512MB ECC Ram to Business VPS 2GB ECC RAM. If you have never ordered from Alpha Computer Services "ACSHostings.com" than you will have to contact us or we'll contact you before we process your order. If you need one bigger please contact us. We will ... Read More »

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Customers can now use Dropbox to backup their websites

Our customers can now backup and restore their websites in the dropbox cloud inside parallels plesk control panel 12

11dateTime.th dateTime.oct 2013
Cloudlinux is included with Shared Hosting Plans

Cloudlinux on Shared Hosting Plans We now offer cloudlinux on all our shared hosting plans. Get faster performance and more secure web hosting experience on all our hosting plans at no additional costs to you. No more worrying about being affected by other users on the same shared hosting server. Buy affordble shared web hosting plans Buy ... Read More »

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